What's New in 2016

Introducing our sister site,

The Flavorful Kitchen 


As a Food Crafter and Flavor Explorer, I am always seeking a new spice, food, fruit, cookware and technique to create delicious foods.


Join me at The Flavorful Kitchen (TheFlavorfulKitchen.com). Where we will be Exploring Flavors and taking Journeys near and far.


Our Compotes are made with the fruit first and slow cooked in small batches with little sugar for a delicious full fruit flavor.

Perfect with sweet or savory foods  Pancakes/Waffles  Ice Cream  Cakes  


Assorted Cheeses   Yogurt    Smoothies    Roasted Savory Foods - Chicken  Pork  Duck  Game


Breakfast   Cocktails    Appetizers   Dinner   Desserts 


The uses are endless...Enjoy!



The O List November 2012
The O List November 2012