Summer Time Pies

An American Favorite dessert and believe it or not it is easy to make. The expression “easy as pie” is true.

I’ve been making pies for years and not just for the holidays.  Once you get past the idea that making a crust is difficult, then you will be making pies all the time.  Not just sweet pies, but savory ones too!

Let’s start with the crust.

I have 2 favorite crust.  French dough, pate sucree and the Italian Pasta Frolla, which means, short crust.  All butter crust are rich in flavor and crumbly intexture. Both lend well to all types of fillings.

Mis en Place – Let’s get everything in place.

Cold butter, flour, eggs, sugar, salt and water

Equipment. Food processor for speed.  Or, by hand with two forks or a pastry cutter.  Rolling pin, pie mat.

Cool kitchen


What I love about pie is that it is a great dessert or can be a great savory entrée with a salad on the side.

Pie’s are made all over the world.  It is a great way to take extra fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood to create a new meal.  Nothing is wasted. Creating a warm delicious meal too.


When I make our family traditional pie, like my Easter Ricotta Pie, I will make it with the Italian Pasta Frolla.  Thanksgiving pies are made with the French Pate Sucree dough.  (go to recipes)


Our Compotes are made with the fruit first and slow cooked in small batches with little sugar for a delicious full fruit flavor.

Perfect with sweet or savory foods  Pancakes/Waffles  Ice Cream  Cakes  


Assorted Cheeses   Yogurt    Smoothies    Roasted Savory Foods - Chicken  Pork  Duck  Game


Breakfast   Cocktails    Appetizers   Dinner   Desserts 


The uses are endless...Enjoy!