Welcome to Prima Dolce Company

Hello, my name is Lisa, Thank you for stopping by. 


Ever since I was little I was in the kitchen with my Mom baking.  My little brother (or “little bother” at the time), was gated out of the kitchen.  He would try and squeeze under the gate to get into the kitchen to see what we were baking.


Mixing, rolling, chopping....we did it all.  There wasn't a thing my Mom couldn't bake or cook.  She was the "go-to" baker for our family gatherings and holidays.  She would whip up a cake in no time.  


I was so excited to get my own Easy Bake Oven.  I had an orange EBO from the 1970's!  I loved that oven.  Who knew a light bulb could do so much! And once again, there was my little brother (and a few years older now), hovering over my creations, waiting for it to be done, fork in hand!  If only the wattage was higher and it would cook faster.  He was my best customer!  


My kitchen is my creative studio.  Being creative in the kitchen, a tinker of sorts, with foods, spices and gadgets.  Along the way family favorites were created.  A "must-bring" was our compote of berries and sweet cherries.  


We were encourage to bring our compote to market and so we started Prima Dolce Company.  Our food journey began with our first product, Bella's Berries Compote with A Medley of Berries & Sweet Cherry Compote. It made the "O List, in Oprah's Magazine," November 2012. And we continue to add flavors that we enjoy at home first.



As a Food Crafter I am always seeking a new spice, food, fruit, cookware and technique to create delicious foods. It is how I created our compote line and started Prima Dolce Company.


We would love to hear from you.  Reach out anytime.  And follow us PrimaDolceCo on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest.


All the best,